Welsh Baccalaureate

"Y Byd i'n Disgyblion a Disgyblion i'n Byd"


An opportunity to gain essential skills, valuable experiences and an extra 120 UCAS points.

The Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ) at Advanced Level comprises 3 or 4 options from the subject columns and Core Studies which are supported by regular teacher assistance and mentoring.

The components of the Core Studies are:-

  • Essential Skills Wales (x3) and Wider Key Skills (x3)

The Essential Skills (Communication, Application of Number and ICT) will be taught in designated, timetabled lessons.  The development of Wider Key Skills (Problem Solving, Working with Others and Improving Own Learning And Performance) will come from the candidate’s programme of study and extra-curricular activities. 

  • Wales, Europe and the World (WEW)

Students will study a range of political, social, economic and cultural issues relating to Wales, other parts of Europe and the World.  This section includes a language module and an Individual Investigation.  This Individual Investigation provides an opportunity for students to investigate an area of personal interest in more detail.  The investigation may be related to their subject options or to part of the core studies.

  • Work Related Education (WRE) 

This includes careers guidance, work experience and enterprise activities.

  • Personal and Social Education (PSE)

This element includes health, citizenship, political and community issues.

Many aspects of the WBQ are currently, and have been for many years, an integral part of post-16 education.  The WBQ rewards a variety of different aspects of post-16 courses and experiences.  To help students through the WBQ, they will have a personal tutor who will advise, guide and help students gain the qualification by half termly, half hour one-to-one interviews.

Ann Williams, Swyddog Addysg Gogledd Cymru Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

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Cafwyd cyflwyniad diddorol gan Ann Williams , Swyddog Addysg y Cynulliad i fyfyrwyr blwyddyn 12 ar wleidyddiaeth a’r drefn wleidyddol yng Nghymru, Prydain ac Ewrop fel rhan o’u hastudiaethau ar gyfer y Fagloriaeth Gymreig.
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Elliw Ellis Davies sydd, gyda’i chwaer Dwynwen, yn rhedeg Cwmni Atom P.R. sydd wedi ei leoli yn Doc Fictoria Caernarfon.

Mae’r ddwy chwaer yn disgrifio ATOM ‘er yn gwmni bychan, mae wedi ei ffurfio’n berffaith ac yn gyfrwng cyfathrebu dwyieithog’.

Maent yn gweithio gyda dros 50 o gwsmeriaid ym Mhrydain a thu hwnt ...... click here for more information