"Y Byd i'n Disgyblion a Disgyblion i'n Byd"

Ysgol Brynrefail
LL55 4AD

Telephone: 01286 672381
Fax: 01286 672066

Contact with the Education Authority
It is possible that parents might wish to contact some element of the support services such as the
School's Education Welfare Service, the Police Liaison Service, the Social Services, the School Meals
Service, School Transport or the Support Grants Department.

If any parent wishes to contact the Local Education Authority they should do so through the
Head of Schools’ Services, Mr Dewi R. Jones, Education Department, Castle Street, Caernarfon. The telephone number of the Schools Department is Caernarfon (01286) 679162.

Contact with the world of business and industry
The school promotes many links in this sphere through various schemes as well as placing teachers in industry, visits to industry and work experience for every pupil.
Every pupil in years 10 and 11 take part in the Compact Award Scheme which is supported by employers whereby a more favourable consideration is given to pupils who have gained the Compact Award by
completing targets for punctuality, attendance, the completion of coursework and work experience.

Contact with parents
Close links between school and parents are very important and parents are encouraged to take
advantage of every formal opportunity such as the visit to school when pupils are transferring from
primary school or parents' evenings when discussions with staff allow you to discuss your child's
progress, or informally at concerts, eisteddfod or at PTA functions.

If necessary the school will contact parents whenever there is a substantial problem involving a
pupil which may be academic or pastoral in nature. I believe that it is only through co-operation and discussion with parents that an answer to any matter of substance will be reached. The Home Link
Book is used by the pupils to record homework, important dates, activities, etc. It is also used to
convey messages between school and the home.