"Y Byd i'n Disgyblion a Disgyblion i'n Byd"

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Practical rules
Rules aim to ensure order within school. If these are not followed then order is lost.
- Walk orderly on the right on corridors and on stairs. Do not run.
- Punctuality to lessons and school is expected.
- A pupil's name should appear on all clothing and possessions.
- If it is necessary to bring a sum of money to school it should be given to the Secretary for safe keeping. The school will not be responsible for losses.
- School uniform should always be worn. .
- The building should be cleared at lunchtime. The Hall is used for shelter during bad weather.
- Nobody should leave the school grounds.
- Parental consent and a lunch pass is required to leave school during the lunch hour –
Llanrug pupils only
- Pupils should remain on the school yard to await school transport at the end of the day.

Mental Health Matters
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