"Y Byd i'n Disgyblion a Disgyblion i'n Byd"

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Language Policy
The school is located in a naturally Welsh environment with only a minority of learners and with over 600 pupils therefore, it has been placed into the B(i) category according to the Gwynedd Language Policy.
The main aim of that policy is to ensure that every pupil develops to become fluently bilingual therefore, both Welsh and English is taught to every pupil to the end of year 11. The medium of learning and language
balance is determined by the pupil's individual needs. Welsh is the usual language of communication within the school.

The Special Educational Needs Policy

The school’s policy to meet the special education needs encompass the 1981, 1986, 1988, 1993 Education Acts and the Local Education Authority’s Code of Practice.

The school’s curricular pattern to meet pupils; special needs are based on the concept of support. This is achieved by:

a) Preparing differentiated tasks
b) Providing pupils with support in class
c) Providing advice and support to subject teachers
d) Giving staff in-service training
e) Providing pupils with specialist support.

Resources for supporting special needs are allocated within the school through:

i) a formula which ensures that money is allocated to every subject to meet the pupils; needs
ii) the Departmental Development Plan.

2.1 teachers and 9 Classroom Assistants are allocated to support the special educational needs of pupils for 2008-2009.

This policy is revised and evaluted through:

a) Internal meetings
b) A link with a nominated Governor
c) Co-operation with external agencies
d) The School Development Plan